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…and this is my friend Mr Laurel

Review of Jeffrey Holland’s one man show at the Edinburgh Festival, Pleasance Courtyard (venue 33) on now until the 25th of August.

Mood Indigo - film review

French mash-up of Love Story and Amélie by French director Michel Gondry. A whimsical film chock-a-block with surreal images and bizarre moments, that might be the fantasy of one of the characters as real life becomes too much to bear. For all its froth it still packs a punch.

Resistance by Owen Sheers - Review by Susan Sheahan

A remarkable debut novel set in 1944 which explores what might have happened if the D-Day landings had failed and the Germans had invaded Britain.  The story centres on the relationship between Sarah Lewis and the German Captain Albrecht. A compelling exploration of friendship and loyalty; deliberately located in the difficult borderland between England and Wales.  

Richard III at Trafalgar Transformed

This may not be a subtle production but it is engaging and energetic.  Strong performances by Martin Freeman, Gina McKee, and others carry the narrative at a lively pace.  But the gore factor is straight out of London Dungeon, and Richard and Buckingham playing for laughs is just plain weird.  Good fun but not for the purist.  Until 27 September.

I am China by Xiaolu Guo

In Village of Stone protagonist Coral describes her journey from poverty and abuse in a small fishing village to drab urban comfort as an adult in modern China.  In A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers  protagonist Z explores the gaps and connections, cultural and linguistic, between  England and China through her relationship with an English lover and her progress in…